Mass properties measurement

Mass Properties, including total mass, Center of Mass (COM) position, and Inertia Tensor, are crucial parameters for configuring the Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS). At Tensor Tech, we offer professional Mass Properties measurement services using our ADCS TestBed. Our team provides these services for customer's spacecraft and Devices under Test (DUT) as requested by clients.

Jitter analysis and measurement

For remote sensing satellites or space missions carried with optical payloads, achieving precise relative pointing accuracy is of utmost importance in defining the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and MTF budgets. This Relative Pointing Error (RPE) is primarily influenced by moving components on the satellite, such as reaction wheels or control moment gyros. The determination of MTF necessitates a system-level requirement analysis, conducted through simulations and physical measurements on the integrated system. At Tensor Tech, we specialize in providing our clients with accurate estimates of RPE for their mission analysis.

AOCS performance analysis

With Tensor Tech's Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) software-in-the-loop (SIL) simulation tool - TYF (Test as You Fly), clients can accurately predict the motion control performance of their missions. This invaluable capability empowers clients to make well-informed system-level decisions during the early design phase of their projects.

Processor in the loop

To enhance the precision of our AOCS simulation results, we provide a specialized service using the Processor-in-the-loop (PIL) toolkit, specifically designed to simulate the firmware behavior of the AOCS computer and its components. This option is highly recommended for clients utilizing third-party or in-house developed components. By incorporating PIL simulation, we can accurately predict the AOCS performance, taking real-time conditions into account. Additionally, this approach enables efficient troubleshooting and resolution of any identified issues.

AOCS integration

We specialize in providing a comprehensive AOCS integration service, encompassing the mechanical and electrical interfaces (EMC, wiring, and functional tests), communication setup between components and the AOCS computer, as well as AOCS configuration. Additionally, we meticulously conduct sensor calibration, controller tuning, alignment of reference frames for each component, and polarity checks to ensure optimal performance for the AOCS.

AOCS hardware in the loop

Following the integration of the AOCS, we conduct meticulous functional tests for attitude determination and control accuracy using our ADCS TestBed. This ground-based performance test meticulously simulates the space environment to ensure precision and reliability. Through these tests, we validate the functionalities across each operation mode of the AOCS and thoroughly verify key specifications, ensuring that the AOCS operates flawlessly in its intended mission scenarios.

Original design manufacturing

Tensor Tech delivers professional AOCS solutions customized to meet the unique needs of each space mission. We understand that different satellites require tailored AOCS to optimize their performance with specific payloads. Our dedicated team of experts conducts thorough system-level requirement analysis, AOCS design, implementation/manufacturing, and comprehensive functional/environmental testing to ensure the optimal performance of our solutions. If our standard AOCS solution falls short of meeting the clients' specific requirements, we proactively propose customized AOCS solutions. With our commitment to excellence, we provide mass-production-capable solutions that are precisely aligned with the objectives and specifications of each individual mission.

Original equipment manufacturing

In addition to delivering complete AOCS solutions, Tensor Tech specializes in providing professional AOCS component manufacturing services tailored to our clients' designated production methods and designs. We conduct thorough manufacturing feasibility analyses, giving careful consideration to mass production capabilities to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients. Leveraging our vast experience in AOCS technology, the components manufactured by Tensor Tech are quality assured to exhibit high reliability, robustness, and cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to quality and expertise in the field sets us apart as a trusted partner for all your AOCS needs.