Integrated Attitude Determination and Control System

The ADCS series represents a comprehensive spectrum of integrated Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) designed for both nano and microsatellite missions. The variable-speed, single-gimbal Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG) is central to our design, enhancing the system's torque to power ratio. Our series spans from the ADCS-10m, tailored for 3U CubeSats, to the ADCS-40m, optimized for 12U or 16U platforms. Every model in our lineup focuses on lightweight structure, improved power efficiency, and a compact form-factor that can fit within a CubeSat structure tuna-can. Beyond design, our ADCS solutions come equipped with user-centric interfaces, onboard attitude determination, and a suite of automated modes, ensuring streamlined satellite operations. Whether your mission involves Earth Observation application or fine maneuvering and docking, the improved agility provided by the ADCS series is your key for success. Custom configurations are also available upon consultation with our team for specialized needs.

Operation Modes

Basic (without CMG)

  • Sun Pointing
  • Detumbling
  • Safe Mode

Advanced Operation (with CMG)

  • Target Tracking
  • Fine Pointing
  • Local-Vertical-Local-Horizontal

The ADCS includes a suite of versatile operation modes tailored to various satellite mission needs. In our Basic Operation Modes, designed for systems without CMG, we offer Sun Pointing for accurate solar tracking, Detumbling to stabilize the satellite after launch, and Safe Mode to ensure it remains controlled during unforeseen challenges. For those utilizing our Advanced Operation based on our CMG, we offer Tracking mode for specific target monitoring, Fine Pointing to achieve high-precision attitude control, and Local-Vertical-Local-Horizontal mode for optimized Earth-relative positioning. Each mode has been engineered to ensure optimal performance, giving satellite operators agility, flexibility and reliability in every mission phase.





Our ADCS and CMG are able to install in the CubeSat’s tuna-can or structure according to the user’s requirements. With special hardware design, our ADCS and CMG can fit into most of the deployer’s tuna-can on the market.

1) Installing the ADCS or CMG in tuna-can is recommended, as this takes up the least space in the satellite.

install in the bottom of 3U+/6U+ satellite # occupied volume 0.4U

2) However, it is feasible to install the ADCS or CMG within the cubesat structure shown in configuration 2.

install in the middle of cubesat # occupied volume 0.4U




CMG-10m is a variable speed control moment gyroscope (CMG) which is suitable for satellites up to roughly 3U. This module can be installed within the tuna can or the satellite structure.

  • CMG-10m
  • CMG-20m
  • CMG-40m
  • FSS-15
  • FSS-15D
  • FSS-15M
  • CSS-10
  • ADCS Testbed