SmallSat ADCS

The SmallSat ADCS series marks a new era and enhancement of the ADCS series for nano and microsatellite missions, specially designed for satellites over 30 kg. Central to our design is a variable-speed, single-gimbal Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG), enhancing the system's torque-to-power ratio. It delivers comparable performances compared to ADCSs designed for similar sizes of satellites but offers lighter weight, more compact volume as it can fit within the tuna can, and less power consumption. Our user-intuitive interfaces, onboard attitude determination, and automated modes ensure streamlined satellite operations. Whether for earth observation or precise maneuvering, the ADCS series provides enhanced agility for mission success. Custom configurations are available upon consultation for specialized needs.

Operation Modes

Basic (without CMG)

  • Sun Pointing
  • Detumbling
  • Safe Mode

Advanced Operation (with CMG)

  • Target Tracking
  • Fine Pointing
  • Local-Vertical-Local-Horizontal

The ADCS includes a suite of versatile operation modes tailored to various satellite mission needs. In our Basic Operation Modes, designed for systems without CMG, we offer Sun Pointing for accurate solar tracking, Detumbling to stabilize the satellite after launch, and Safe Mode to ensure it remains controlled during unforeseen challenges. For those utilizing our Advanced Operation based on our CMG, we offer Tracking mode for specific target monitoring, Fine Pointing to achieve high-precision attitude control, and Local-Vertical-Local-Horizontal mode for optimized Earth-relative positioning. Each mode has been engineered to ensure optimal performance, giving satellite operators agility, flexibility and reliability in every mission phase.





The rotor is enclosed within a gimbal, depicted as the golden component in the illustration. This gimbal facilitates the rotor's spin axis (Gs) to be tilted in various orientations. When the gimbal rotates in the Gg direction, it generates gyroscopic moments (Gt) due to the change in angular momentum caused by tilting the rotor's axis. This gyro moment in Gt direction, acting perpendicular to the angular velocity vector, requires significantly less mechanical power compared to reaction-wheel-torque.




CMG-10m is a variable speed control moment gyroscope (CMG) which is suitable for satellites up to roughly 3U. This module can be installed within the tuna can or the satellite structure.

  • CMG-10m
  • CMG-20m
  • CMG-40m
  • FSS-15
  • FSS-15D
  • FSS-15M
  • CSS-10
  • ADCS Testbed