Attitude Determination and Control System TestBed

The ADCS Testbed supports satellite missions that require advanced pointing and attitude determination capabilities, by facilitating calibration, measurement of the mass properties, and tests and validations of ADCS algorithms.
The testbed consists of an air-bearing platform, a triaxial Helmholtz cage, and a solar simulator. It is easily customizable and can be adapted to fit customer specific requirements.

Included Hardware

Triaxial Helmholtz Cage

Air-bearing Platform

Solar Simulator

Software Functions

Mass Properties Measurement

Platform Attitude Estimation and Wireless Communication

Platform Center of Mass Calibration Assistant

Dynamic magnetic field control according to the selected orbit

Single board computer and tactical grade inertia measurement unit (IMU) are integrated onto the air bearing platform. With the assistance of the IMU, the single board computer estimate the attitude of the platform every timestep. The determined attitude can be remotely accessed using the Testbed-TYF, a customer support software, to improve the robustness of the tested ADCS system.



The testbed features a mass properties measurement function. Due to the nature of the low disturbance torque of the air-bearing, the air-bearing platform becomes a suitable candidate for satellite mass properties measurement, including the center of mass, the moment of inertia, and the product of inertia.




TensorADCS-10m is an integrated ADCS with a variable speed control moment gyroscope (CMG) which is suitable for satellites up to roughly 3U. This module can be installed within the tuna can or the satellite structure.

  • ADCS-10m
  • ADCS-20m
  • TensorADCS-40m
  • CMG-10m
  • CMG-20m
  • CMG-40m
  • FSS-15M
  • CSS-10