Attitude and Heading Reference System and Inertial Reference Unit

The array-IMU technology is utilized with tactical grade performance out of automobile grade IMUs by filtering readouts from multiple IMUs (system architect).
The range of specifica-tions is demonstrated with the AHRS and IRU specs in the following table.
Depending on customer requirements, combinations of different IMUs can be applied to form an array for opti-mizing performance and costs.

Product Features

Configurable IMU array size for optimal performance under volume and cost constraints.

Sensor bias auto-estimation for steady performance.

Pre-calibration before the delivery of the products.

Configurable software for estimating the desired states according to the application.





For an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) to obtain its optimal performance, tunning according to the environment is key. Under different operating conditions including vehicle and vibration dynamics, the software such as filter and estimator tunning has to be different.

In Tensor Tech, our AHRS architecture allows the extension of hardware, (number of IMU) in addition, our service for tunning the software will also be delivered.




CMG-10m is a variable speed control moment gyroscope (CMG) which is suitable for satellites up to roughly 3U. This module can be installed within the tuna can or the satellite structure.

  • CMG-10m
  • CMG-20m
  • CMG-40m
  • FSS-15
  • FSS-15D
  • FSS-15M
  • CSS-10
  • ADCS Testbed